High Speed Broadband Internet

Internet Services

Bandwidth up to 10Gbps

SenaWave can provide bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps. This capacity helps us serve some of the largest enterprises in Utah. With a myriad of options to choose from we can customize a solution that meets your businesses needs.


Metered Bandwidth (xfer’d or 95th Percentile)

Another option is metered bandwidth that is billed based on actual flat usage or on 95th Percentile usage. This allows additional flexibility and better value depending on data needs.


DNS Hosting

DNS Management and security are vital to business websites, email, and online applications. Let us take care of hosting your DNS so you can focus on other tasks.


BGP (advertise customer’s own IP’s)

We also have the ability to offer BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) that allows for complete redundancy and network reliability even when your primary connection goes down. Enterprise clients that need extra reliability through various carriers often use this solution.



We can help configure and establish secure VPNs allowing your employees or clients secure network access to company files or other local applications.

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